Annual or six-monthly maintenance of cleanrooms / air movement devices is a requirement for many pharmaceutical, medical and laboratory facilities. 

This work requires experienced professionals to perform critical maintenance / functional checks of the equipment and verification of key operational parameters to ensure the continued compliance of the equipment / environment within operating limits.

Maintenance experience of ICON Engineering staff includes the following devices:

  • Class I, II, and III MSCs
  • Containment Areas & Containment Devices:
    • Glove Boxes
    • Safety Enclosures
    • Fume Cupboards
  • Laminar Airflow and HEPA Filter Banks
  • Clean Air Zones
  • Downflow Booths
  • Acid / Solvent Storage Cabinets
  • Point Extracts and Local Exhausts
  • Vibration Analysis Testing
  • Air Handing Units and Dehumidifiers including:
    • Belts and Bearings
    • Filters
    • Bug Screens
    • Electrical Checks


All tests are undertaken in accordance with the latest standards (cGMP, national and international), using the latest calibrated test equipment.

  • Preventative Maintenance checks on AHUs Including Filters, Dampers, Belts, Bearings and Control Systems
  • Electrical Maintenance on Motors, Variable Speed Drives etc.
  • Preventative Maintenance checks on Air Movement Devices including:
    • Fumehoods
    • MSCs Class I & II
    • Point Exhausts
    • Solvent Storage Cabinets
    • Ventilated Balance Enclosures
    • Downflow Booths

We offer cutting edge “Mechanical Services”

  • Stainless/ Galvanise/ Mild steel
  • Innovative solutions in Fabrication & Installation

Vibration Analysis Panels

  • Vibration analysis helps ensure equipment failure is avoided by forecasting problems, allowing intervention before these issues result in expensive downtime. Vibration analysis panels allow the safe remote access to rotating machinery.

Vibration sensors can be:

    • Wired to a panel (either standalone or as a data collection node)
    • Wireless to a node which transmits to a cloud-based network system.


Condition Monitoring

In conjunction with strategic partners, we offer condition monitoring services encompassing in place balancing, laser alignment, ultrasonics, thermography and oil-grease analysis; all ensuring your equipment runs better for longer.