Facility Upgrade Commissioning and Qualification

Facility Upgrade Commissioning and Qualification

Client Need
As part of ongoing expansion, a large pharmaceutical converted the existing shell space building to a Grade C clean room facility. Icon Engineering were awarded the commissioning contract for all air and water systems.

What We Did

Some of the works carried out by Icon Engineering included:

• Fingerprinting of all Air and water systems prior to project commencement.
• Provide technical overview and assistance to client on upgrade of HVAC systems.
• Set up of AHU supply and return airflows to achieve design targets for Grade C.
• Qualification of cleanrooms, glovebox and air movement devices.
• Integrity testing of HEPA Filters.
• Static and Dynamic particle count testing.
• Room recovery testing.
• Troubleshooting and field verification of various BMS instrumentation.
• Commissioning of LPHW and CHW systems.
• Commissioning of Low temp Process Glycol systems.
• Gas purity testing of nitrogen and Filtered Air systems.
• Completion of Client protocols

Air and water systems were once again delivered fully commissioned ahead of schedule by Icon Engineering.