Bio-decontamination is required to make units SAFE prior to maintenance, and to drastically reduce your environmental loading in processing and clean rooms. Bio-decontamination is often used when a suite of rooms has been unused for a period of time, or when Environmental Monitoring shows high counts of moulds or other microorganisms.  

Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) is an highly effective bio-decontaminant and has been used to sterilise laboratories for over 20 years. The technology was famously used following the 2001 Anthrax attacks in the US. As technological advances offer us new solutions to decontamination, it becomes clear that previous methods, typically using formaldehyde, chlorine dioxide and other steriliants are not only outdated, but also have unacceptably high levels of exposure to carcinogens. 

Advantages of Bio-Decontamination:
• Accelerate your Environmental Monitoring programme
• Extremely high kill rates
• Every decontamination is verified through the use of Bacterial and Chemical Indicators
• Safe to use and does not persist in the environment.
• Highly inert, will not react with most sensitive electrical and other forms of equipment. 
• The sterilant decomposes to environmentally-friendly water and oxygen. 

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